Infinium is the newest division of Victoria Electric Cooperative, your local electric provider.  Infinium will offer members and non-members a broadband internet solution with more speed, more access and more reliability than current providers with speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

A member is a residence or business that uses electricity from VEC, making them an owner of VEC. No, you DO NOT have to be a member of VEC to sign up for Infinium internet services. Even after you’ve signed up, you don’t have to purchase electricity from VEC.

You may check availability by visiting us online at or calling our office at 361.582.5550.  If Infinium is not currently offered in your area you can express your interest by signing up as availability depends highly on access, feasibility and interest in service areas.  In addition, Infinium will send marketing materials to the area prior beginning to establish service notifying you of the timeline of availability.

Infinium offers wireless and fiber solutions, depending upon your service area and proximity to our fiber-optic lines. Simply choose whichever solution best fits the needs of your home or business.

Our wireless solution utilizes a wireless network to transmit data and allows for speeds up to 50 Mbps.  Our Fiber To The Home solution offers greater bandwidth to deliver larger amounts of data and offers speeds up to 1 Gbps.

If you can not find what you are looking for, call 361.582.5550 and speak to a customer service representative to find a solution that works best for you.

The package you select will rely heavily on your internet speed needs. Internet speed is measured by how fast packets of data are transmitted from the World Wide Web to your home computer or mobile device. Many things affect how much speed you need, including the number of users, activities, etc.








Infinium Basic

Up to 10 Mbps


Up to 2 


Up to 10 Mbps

Up to 2 Mbps

Infinium Essential Up to 25 Mbps $85/month Up to 4 1-4 Up to 25 Mbps Up to 5 Mbps
Infinium Extreme Up to 50 Mbps $116/month Up to 8 5-8 Up to 50 Mbps Up to 5 Mbps
Infinium Fiber Up to 200 Mbps $110/month Up to 24 920 Up to 200 Mbps Up to 20 Mbps
Infinium Fiber Plus Up to 1 Gbps $180/month Up to 64 20+ Up to 1 Gbps Up to 200 Mbps

*Availability limited in some areas. All Wireless pricing is based on a 12-month contract and a one-time base installation charge of $99.

At this time, our Infinium Fiber services require a one-time Aid-to-Construction (ATC) fee of $1,800. This charge covers all of the labor and equipment necessary to bring fiber to your home if you’re within 500 feet of an existing network access point. Beyond 500 feet, an additional $1.20/ft. charge will be added to the ATC fee. This fee can be pro-rated out over the first year of FTTH broadband service if the subscriber signs a one-year contract. INFINIUM BUSINESS: Choose from any of our plans for an additional $40/month!

Downloading is the process of getting web pages, images and files from a web server. Upload is the process of putting web pages, images and files onto a web server. To make a file visible to everyone on the internet, you will need to upload it.

Once you apply for service by phone, online or in one of our offices, we will map your address to determine the availability of service and options that are available to you. Once the type of service is determined, we will open an account, help you select the plan that’s right for you and call you within 10 business days to make an installation appointment.

Once a site survey has been completed the installation process will take about two to three hours.

The activation fee varies depending on the service you select. Wireless plans require a one-time activation fee of $99 and a 12-month contract. Fiber To The Home plans require a one-time Aid-To-Construction fee of $500, which covers the labor and equipment necessary to bring fiber to your home if you are within 500 feet.  Any construction costs beyond 500 feet will result in an additional cost of $1.20 per foot.  The Aid-To-Construction fee can be made in installments over the first six months of the service agreement.

Infinium wireless plans include a duel band router with a 12-month warranty. Fiber plans come with a proprietary duel band router.


Infinium wireless customers may utilize their own equipment. However, Infinium will not offer technical support for customer-owned equipment.

To meet the needs of all of our customers, we’ve priced our plans to be affordable. 

Existing VEC members benefit from Infinium internet through the allocation of patronage capital (margins or profits) produced by Infinium, in the same manner as the existing electric allocations and retirements.

The addition of the internet division will operate independently so that pricing and investments do not impact our members electric rates.

Phase one began with the most under served area in our service territory. Phases two and three will depend upon feasibility and interest in the remaining areas.  You can express your interest by visiting

You can report an issue by:

Calling: 361.582.5550


Infinium Portal: Send in a trouble ticket via your Infinium portal