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Rebooting Your Router

Are you experiencing issues with network connectivity?  Rebooting your router may fix the problem. 

Here’s why.  Routers work a lot like computers using memory, a processor and an operating system.  Since most internet providers assign temporary IP addresses the IP address to your phone, laptop or other wi-fi enabled device can change at anytime and if your router doesn’t catch the change you may start experiencing connectivity issues.  Often, a quick reboot can help clear up the miscommunication. 

By following the steps below, you can successfully reboot your router and get your network back on track:

Step One: 

Locate the router

Step Two: 

Unplug the router from the power source by removing the power cord located in the back of the device

Router Power Source




Power Source

Step Three: 

Allow the router to remain disconnected for 40-45 seconds allowing the system to reboot

Step Four: 

Reconnect the power source into the router and wait for the “power” an “WAN” light to display green.

Router Image 2

Once you reconnect the power source the Power (1) and WAN (2) lights will light up green.

If you have followed these steps and continue to experience connectivity issues please contact our customer service team at 361.582.5550